This week #7

A collection of technical, management and other thoughts from this week.


I’ve been on-boarding to a new company the last month, and learning a bunch of new codebases. As I’ve started to contribute to code reviews, I was reflecting a bit on code review for knowledge sharing (a heated debate sometimes, I know!). I think t while code review as a teaching tool might be of dubious value, it can be a great learning tool.

In particular, I find that I use code review as a learning tool myself and find it really effective. It points me at parts of a codebase I might never have seen before and in the process of figuring out if a change makes sense, I have to read and understand what’s happening.

For the musicians out there - it feels a bit like sight-reading a new piece of music. It’s not the same as playing and coding within that codebase, but it goes a long way to being able to reason about what’s going on there now and in future.


I’m diving into single-table design and DynamoDB, so I’ll share what I’ve read so far there:

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