Life update: What the heck am I up to?

First up, Welcome to any new readers who’ve come over from Ben Young’s blog. As Ben said I try to provide people with insights and inspiration, and encourage people to live awesome lives and change the world. I don’t post to a schedule, but I have a bit of a redesign in the works after which I’ll post more regularly.

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If you haven’t checked out bwagy (or his book) you should. It should be required reading.

I’m slowly tweaking my blog, what I write and how I write it. So here’s an update about what I’m up to at the moment. I’ll keep writing these updates infrequently when theres something interesting to update.


The most major change at the moment, and the one thats occupying a lot of my attention: I’m leaving my amazing job at Greenpeace NZ and moving to the UK in June. Complete with a side trip to Penang, Malaysia.

One awesome thing (of many): I’ve been amazed how easy it was to save money.

I thought it would take ages, but when I got serious about it it was easy. I put all my money in once place… discovered I already had $2000 (who knew?). I’ve cut back expenses by staying with friends and my savings are now on track. I’ve bought plane tickets and I’ve got a bit to keep me going till I have work in the UK.

This is a good example of how just starting is often the hardest part. Once you’ve created momentum its easy.


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