Being awesome

First up.. you should check out Johnny B. Truant on Making your own luck.

So here’s my grand plan of awesomeness… are you ready?

  1. Don’t stop
  2. Be there. Waiting for the opportunity (3. Own it)

It’s not mind blowing, it’s not complicated, and it’s definately been said before in various forms.

Don’t stop When you’re out to get something. Don’t stop and don’t give up. Even when it seems like you’re not getting anywhere. (Check out Seth Godin’s The Dip)

Be there. Waiting for the opportunity This is really a continuation of the previous point. If you’re out to get something, make sure you’re there waiting for an opportunity. The moments of coincidence that get you where you want to go, that seem like good luck, really only happen when you get yourself in the right place and put yourself out there.

Own it I’m not sure this is necessary. You might get results anyway. But you’ll enjoy life a lot more if you own it. And take responsibility for the things that work and the things that don’t.

Simple, but this works for me.