This week #5

A collection of technical, management and other thoughts from this week.

A bit late and short this week. I tried several times to turn my thoughts into a couple of coherent paragraphs but I’m going to call time and publish this as-is.


Meritocracy doesn’t exist, and believing it does is bad for you. The title says it all really.

Why software projects take longer than you think. A great write up a possible reason why we’re so bad at estimating software projects: People estimate the median completion time well, but not the mean. It’d love to see this confirmed with more data.

How to Track Your Kids (and Other People’s Kids) With the TicTocTrack Watch. A good break down of the security failures of a watch for tracking your kids. I’m with Germany on this one - ban them - the security risks are too high to consider any device that tracks children.

A way to do CSS for applications. Nice and simple. I might try this on my next project.


Start With This. A new podcast from the creators of Welcome to Nightvale about writing and the creative process. Each episode has assignments to help push you to actually create something.