Energy Crossroads

Ok - warning: this is a bit of a mind dump… hopefully its useful :)

I watched the movie Energy Crossroads a week ago - part of the Reel Earth Film Festival.

It covers similar subject matter to The Inconvenient Truth but with more depth, much less of a laymans view on it and more history. I could talk about it more but I’ll just say go see it if you can… it’s worth your time and money.

I’m not going to give you a big write up. I’ll just list my ideas and  do with them what you will (and let me know what you think!)

Ideas (starting with the obvious) on actions to take:

  • Reducing rubbish
  • Growing my own food
  • Use public transport
  • Sustainability meetup? Sustainable entrepreneurs meetup? Save the world meetup? Anyone keen? 
  • Write books and start to research alternative solutions for energy Including: Transmission solutions, Low wind speed generation
  • What do I need to study/get trained in to make the biggest difference?
  • What big industry is there, that produces lots of waste, that has yet to reduce it? Start an example company that produces less waste and leads the industry. (like New Belgium)
  • We continue to relate like seperate countries and it doesnt work - there are no REAL seperate countries - just 1 planet. We're all the same people, now its time to start acting like it and stop blaming everyone else.
  • Be the change I want to see in the world
  • Look at my life time, the likely milstones environmentally (and otherwise), and what I can do to change the world . Then start doing it. Include studies and getting experience, changing my own lifestyle, and developing technologies.
  • Blade servers - heatsinks that 'plug in' with the board. and connect to central cooling system which radiates heat out of the room. Eliminates energy wasted to circulate air and cool rest of the space etc. Use the heat to generate power?
  • Also mentioned in the movie: - a brewery that does some really cool sustainable stuffs!
  • The only statement in the movie that bothered me was a comment at the end about not giving up our current lifestyle - houses, transport etc. I don't think we need to lose it all but we need to change our lifestyle somewhat.
Whew - that was lots of thoughts... what do you think? anyone else whose seen it want to comment?