Spring Resolution: Do less, Impact more...

Do less, Impact more

That’s what I came up with when trying to squeeze my current ideas into 4 words for a recent Intersect meetup.

It is in part I was inspired by this recent post by Seth Godin.

I keep saying I’m busy and don’t have time to do things, but yet I’m spending a lot of my ‘non work’ time either doing things I feel a duty to do, instead of the things I really want to do.

So over the next few months, I’m going to endeavour to start doing less of the things I just do automatically or out of duty.

This doesn’t mean I’m just going to abandon things I’m expected to do (like fixes for old clients).

  • That wouldn’t serve me or anyone else very well

But I’m going to start tieing up the loose ends: fixing problems properly, so I only do it once.

If I still have to do something I’m not excited about, I want to do it consciously not just as an automatic reaction.

Basically I’m aiming to discover how much free time I really have and then be able to dedicate that to things I’m really passionate about.