Busy? Doing what?

I’m going to run with some thoughts from reading this post by Danielle LaPorte about being busy.

Danielle mentions telling people the truth, when your late or can’t do something, not just telling them you’re busy.

You can also use this as a reminder or an alarm, for when you’re not doing things you’re proud of and excited about.

If you have to tell someone what you’re up to and you find yourself resisting - just saying “I’ve been busy”, then maybe you should re evaluate what you’re doing. Why don’t you want to share it with people? Are you just bored of it? Are you embarrassed about it? Something else?

When I say resisting here - that’s different from just being a bit too lazy, or having got into the habit of being vague. Those are well covered by the original post. I mean that when you do think to tell someone what you’ve been up to, some part of you pulls back and doesn’t want to.

You may not always find something profoud

But its worth taking a look