Life changing events.. Why wait for the crisis?

I’ve heard and read a lot of tales of life changing events..

Someone loses their job and makes a massive change in their career and life.

A near death incident…

A trip to Africa that forever alters their perspective on the world and purpose in life…

While this is all very well - and these stories are often very inspirational - but they’re often not the full story (As seen in U Turn - though I never finished the book!). Really there was a slow build up of things that changed someones direction (or they always had a different direction to pursue but they’d strayed off track), the event was just an opportunity to make their life match.

But the perception that there was a ‘life changing event’ creates a false belief: That we have to have that life changing event before we can make a major change to life.

We get stuck thinking: If X happened to me then maybe I’d go do XYZ amazing thing. But what if that never happens to you? Your left with an amazing vision that you never fulfill.

Don’t wait for the crisis.

You have to live your own life, not someone elses.

That life changing experience someone had in Africa… what were they doing there in the first place? Probably chasing their dreams already.

Don’t wait… Go!

This is still a work in process for me, but I’m putting this out there anyway. That way even if I fail, someone else may succeed.