Redesigning your career.. don't do it all at once.

I wrote this up quite some time ago but it seems most of it is just as relevant now.

Inspired by this lifehacker post - Tim Ferriss and Marci Alboher on Redesigning Your Career - featuring Tim Ferris and Marci Alboher talking at Google about of their books.

The main gem I took from listening to them talk is this:

You can pursue multiple careers but don’t try and pursue them all at once.

Drive and build one for a while then move onto the next one… while continuing the previous one. Keep adding incrementally.

In the past I’ve made a few attempts at to do everything at once.

It doesn’t usually work out for me.

Start with one thing - what’s most important or urgent right now

Get it moving quickly and then tweak it

(Hat tip: Ben Young (@bwagy) and Chris Guillebeau for various chats and comments about this)